We’re a team of about 100 volunteers dedicated to countering the constant negative drumbeat of our mainstream media. In the past two years, over 400 steps forward have been taken by the Obama administration, yet the media, driven by corporate self-interest, and disaffection with Obama on both the right and left, continues to focus only on any negatives they can construct a narrative around.

To push back against this destructive bias, we’re building a crowd-sourced compilation of the achievements of the Obama administration, with well-sourced documentation for each achievement linked to it for easy contextual navigation. It’s a work in progress and a labor of love — for our country.

In today’s frenzied media zones, far too much time has been spent putting the spotlight on complaints while significant achievements are either ignored, not reported, or minimized.  This site will attempt to redress that fault line in the current landscape of domestic American politics.

The Achievements

Defining what an achievement is in any administration, is itself an interesting issue. We decided that we would define it broadly to include executive orders,important legislation, and significant initiatives or outcomes of any kind, both foreign and domestic. We worked hard to screen out minor or subjective items whenever we had agreement on them. As anyone can see from this very impressive list, they weren’t needed.

The List

You can view the list here. It is designed for current browsers, and may not look quite right in older ones, such as IE 6.0. If things look out of place, we recommend updating your browser to the most current version. And of course, tell us.

The oWiki Team

This site would not exist without the effort of each and every person who took the time to contribute even one item to the list. Nearly 100 people started this project in July, and it will remain a work in progress for as long as President Obama is president.

We’re proud of what this Congress and this Administration has done to put our country back on solid footing. There is still much to be done, but there are well over 400 significant documented achievements here already, and many more to come over the next two years of this very formidable administration.

Please browse the list of achievements, share it with your friends, and bookmark it for reference.

We’re human, and we’re also volunteers. So please, do offer any suggestions you have for improving or adding to the site with the understanding that any omissions are not intended to slight or otherwise ignore anyone. You may email us at ObamaAchievements [at] Gmail [Dot] Com with all suggestions.

If you’re like to join the #owiki team and help us continue the effort into the next very exciting two years, please visit our project about page at: http://bit.ly/obamawiki here.

The Future

As of December, 29th, 2010 there are many updates required, including the many achievements of the final days of the 111th Congress. We plan to move the entire dataset to a new management system soon, at which point, the next phase of editing will begin as we prepare for the 2012 elections.

In the meantime, you can also browse an excellent list of more recent achievements at Milt Shook’s excellent list.Milt will be helping merge some of his work, with ours.

Milt Shook’s Achievements List (PleaseCutTheCrap.com)


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